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1JZ call. FRSEDAN.



Leisure cruise with the little bro.



Or P11P11. Or P11squared. Or Xabi does a road trip.

Awesome pics hombre.

Last 15seconds/story of my life.


Tokimonsta Is Ours


Picked up this fixed/polobike couple weeks ago. It was just another night browsing my local CL till I found this fresh ad of a fixie selling for cheap. It had bmx cranks, Nitto risers and a decent wheel set..at $200 I was sold. Met up with the seller that night who not even had his ad up for 3hrs and bought it. Oh I also got him to bump the price down to $180. Straight husssled~ Anyway my intentions for this bike was to flip it and make some money. To my surprise this bad boy was equipped with some good shit. Judging from the complete overhaul..this bike was worth at least $400. I almost felt like keeping it. Nahfckdat. So anyway I put in about 6 man hours working on it and an extra $8 out of my pocket for grips to get it looking like a champ. I removed the expensive parts that I thought would make me more money later on and swapped them with spare parts I had lying around the house. Completed the full paint job, regreased, reassembled, took pics then reposted it back on CL..three days later I made a $180 profit. Easy.

VW Appreciation


Rock Creek Park album is definitely homework music.

Tiffany Kicks

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Random wins. Winning when you least expect it.
Found cash in my pocket to use at Bale sandwich shop who doesn't accept card. WIN.

After work visit to Sears finding this ratchet wrench set at closeout price right before you decide to leave the store. WIN.

Random call from the boys to hit up the NEX cruise and get a shotgun seat in a beastly Mustang and smoke ricer Civics and a heavily boosted IS300. WIN.

Richie shaving at least 3mills off his sidewall because of being too slammed and flushed going 100+ mph. WIN.


Heading out to PowWow in about an hour. To make things easier read this then proceed to pics..or vice-versa..or just look at the pics.


Vossen G

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Robinson Rebel: Complete

Finished the Robinson build approx two weeks ago. After about..two months and $400ish worth of parts, I am proud to say that this is probably my best and favorite build ever...because its shiny as fck. I hesitated on bringing it out of the house yet hesitated even more on wanting to ride it because it was so damn cherry!! If I could I would have hung this bad boy on my wall and keep it clean..but wtf is a bike if you don't ride it? Turns out this Rebel is fcking quick and comfortable.
The Profile chainring and ACS freewheel were the last pieces to go on the bike. Took me a while to figure out what gear ratio I wanted to ride with:P 43/16 was perfect.

Bike toolbox be reppin Kicks, AF and Kvibe.

Finally took it outside.

Finally took it downstairs.

Finally first ride with the little bro.


Sweet Sensimilla


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