Some Kind Of Nostalgia

This track takes me back to my Jr. year in high school. Back when I used to update my iPod every night. Back when I used to cary a jumbo Pilot marker everywhere I go. Back when I used to catch the bus and put my iPod and Pilot to good use. Those were the worry free days. Wish I had a floating island with nothing but a park bench and a street light.



Shakotan Circuit

Tuf Necks


Fruit Of Labor

Flesh And Concrete

Wow Wow Wow

Sleeper Status


Bitten By Teh Mod buG

Another fellow Gnet member making headlines. Congrats to Ace for a well deserved feature on Modified. Read the full story here.

ARTAs King


Lucky to have shot at this spot before they shut it down for construction. 

Western Influence

Put In Work

Lowlyness QT1

Kristin4 20se

Just copped my favorite Latina adult film actress, printed on one of my favorite clothing line brand, showcasing one of my favorite illicit activities. I slept on it when it first dropped and it sold-out fast like hot cakes. A friendly email notified me that it was back in stock..so I proceeded to checkout. Chyuh.
Kristina Rose.