Id fux wid it.

#Headphones&Headnods. Understand this.

UPDATE pic..done.

Christmas 1999 I got my first skateboard. It was a piece of shit X-Games board from K-mart that had POS abec 5 bearings and POS casted trucks. I still rode the shit out of it though..water logged and all. When I watched The End by Birdhouse it introduced me to some new skaters that THPS1 didn't have in their game. It introduced me to Heath who became an instant fave..and Kobe Tai who became my first Asian girlfriend.

Bored - Levy Tran (John Agacoili) via MPCson. Owww..Levy is cheerin in my schools alma mater.


SoCal O.G. G'z.
Owwwwww. @kumikomieko.

Corona Wagon. NOSTALGIC.

Moon-physics at 1:O8 doe~
12HailMary's and its done.

T.O.D. | 2012 Year-End Video from TANDEM OF DIE. You aint got no Yeezy niqqa??!
Feeling like that two thurttty?

#Headphones&Headnods. This version is a lot better.. not saying the original track is weak tho.

Brrrrah..stock tail lights never looked so good...


#Headphones&Headnods. Movin on son.
= O________O =


#Headphones&Headnods. Feel good musiq.

Surprised to find Matt Neal and Dave Jarmans BTCC Primera on the SPEEDHUNTERS site. Displayed at Autosport International 2013.

CRISPYCLEAN | | The Unexpected Rolling night by CNJ. Via CANIBEAT.

#Headphones&Headnods. This that 2005 happiness for me.

Props Dennis Helladank for building such a hot track-cat. & Props PrestonP. for the sick photography.

Mary plz.

Love it or hate it. Badass.

Initial D Zippos and flasks? Yes. RIVALHOUSE.

Totes diggin it. Semi aggressive stock wheels..crabby stance..thats how I roll.
The Nonagressor.

That Boser front forgives the wing.

#Headphones&Headnods. That Sherane clip doe..shit got me laughin!
#datbootydoe. VW Appreciation.

#Headphones&Headnods. School of Hard Knocks.

I never get the ending I always hope matter how much times I play this.

BeckieJoon brah.
Shakotan action. STREETKARNAGE.