Restless Natives

Big ups to the KicksHI fam for holdin it 10years strong. Check out their newest collab with Converse and their Tiger Camo Chuck Taylors.

Peeped via ALOHAFIXED.

Pissed A Concept


Today feels like a beach day.

Boser Style


Concrete Jungle

Snow Plow


Suck Yeah

Wheels are fs btw.

The Dank

Yappin Dis Xtra Shi


She isn't local butttttttt I just couldn't pass not featuring this fine young lady. Gotta thank FB and its new technological feat that allows you to creep on your friends activity......because if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have been able to see Yimski's recent comment on EricaMay's reeeeccccennnnt photo:3 Thus I wouldn't have been able to make this Babe Of The Week post~Anyway..


Burning Cerberus

Oh Shhhhii

Pimped out of STANCEWORKS.

Last Call

Gonna end the night with a Xabi pic. That is all..

Victory Pipes Galore

I forgot where I got this massive collection of boso pron...just wanted to share.

In Tha Moan'n


Fender Love

That purple koolaid Civics fitting some siiick shoes. Although the fender contact might be a little too touchy-touchy. Kinda reminds me of getting blisters from wearing dress shoes with tube socks. Haaaah. Jocked via RIVALHOUSE!


Local braddahs lidat.

Getting Your sWAGON


Jocked this one from POWERMOVE.

Stiff Joints

via Luke Huxham on Vimeo.

Act Casual

'Chick' Driven



Toyota Vellfiah

Henne$$y Beach


Late notice butttt congrats to C0de for Gnets newest member of the month! Well deserved. Moar details here.

M's Garage


This post is a shout out to my homie Ichigo! Damn our Truck40 cruise sessions and smoke breaks and girl problem pep talks. Lol cheeee good times good times. Video jocked via FRSEDAN.

Shakotan Boogie



Jocked via JUNKHOUSE.

White Wash

Boom Kit

Easy to tell what were gonna get out of this..


First time meeting UNDFTD was one of the most sketched out first-time-meeting-an-acquaintance experience...which I am not going into detail with here butttt with that being said! A night with four jays doin laps and one bowl of a 3legged elephant for a group of 6 guys passin it from di left han side....myeh yeh he burned me out. LOL.


WaaPsh P11



Its about time I bust this picture out.

Slick Couture


Gangster party gangster party gangster partyyy~

Its T.G.T.C.

Soul Cal Geeze

Glow In Duh Dark

Tyre Stretching

It never fails to amaze me. I think this vid is the best one yet as far as show&tell tire stretching:p