Ho Brah

Stay covered.





Aimaneki Neko


Silversun Pickups

Lazy eye.

Korean American Idol

Ahhhh well Heejun of AmericanIdol just got the boot. I really liked his voice. Reminds me of Sam Ocks voice in Dumbffoundeads song...very Jazzy mellow-mellow.

Like No Other

Im sure this is a repost here..but its totally worth it. Props Edgar..props. Moar here.







Bag Raiders

Bring Home To Moms Type

With the RickRoss.


Nothing but UPSETS. Todays end result..UNDFTD.

"Multiply By Three."

My 630AM drive consists of Cole, Missy and a sick beat.

Come To Mee


Hoots Life

Slideway Purple Koolaid

Mad props to Allen on the big news! Teh Purple Stuff/Slam Musubi will be on the pages of ImportTuner thanks to Mark and the crew from Fatlace. A lot of people be drankin der haterade while commenting the FB post but little do they know anything about the car. Cant wait for the feature.

UNDFTD 1.5 // Jay.Aye Photography from Jay Aye.


The weather this week has been epic. For the first time we had some cases of hail on the east side of Oahu. What is goin on?? One thing is for sure..street sliders continue to pray for rain.

Saturday BLUs

Fan made. Legit music video in my books.

KidRobot Collezione

Been holding back on building this simple display case for the Munnys Ive been collecting. Finally got to it last week and couldn't be anymore proud...of how half-assed the process went. Haha! Its a pita to cut plexiglass using just a cut off wheel. But I tried my best. Wish I could stick to one set of series but theres just too many cool characters in each that I just hope I get the one I want. Collection is turning up slowly but surely.

Saturday BLUs

Cant wait! Four more days! Weathers been shitty lately..but hey blue skies are above that shit.



A song I can relate to that is being played by a Chevy?? I wouldn't have even thought of that. Check out their behind the scenes here.

La Familia

I Spy Gauges


JS4KIX reppin.


Mehdi V Svvag

Mellllow Down Why Don't You?


Infiniti is going green. So far this is their gossip girl..the Infiniti Emerg-E. More pics here.

Mia Valerio

Just showing some support! Follow her on Instagram via username @miavalerio. Or for you non-iPhone users lurk her ModelMayhem page.

Retros in bed?! Ok sure.