Night Explorsion

Some bad ass shiiiiit. A stanced out R32 with a slideways attitude? Dafck you smowkin dawg? View more pics here. Thank you StanceNation!

West Coast Meat II

Gnets very own WCM part deux. Props to Code for doctorin up teh vid.

Zankoku Performance

Bros Before Hoes

Unless the hoes got no clothes.

New Bike

I have 3 now. Yikes.

After Hours

Track Cat

Hells yes.

Papa Smurf

Im A Beckie Joon Fanatic

Srsleee. You can find me in her FaceBook fan site brah. I cant thank DSPORT mag enough for sharing this fine dime.

VW Appreciation

OMFUGGN HAYSOOS~ Pimp lux engine bay. Guarantee fcka stay runnin Louis Vuitton synthetic oil too.


"All Wheel Drive"



Euro guys goin for that stateside look.




the myspace angles..


Such A Milestone

Faces I grew up with since kindergarten days and middle school days.

True Love

I dug up some old CDs while cleaning my room yesterday. Brought some to the car to listen to while I drove to work. First disc I put in had 'Real Hip-Hop' written on top of it...obviously with a red broad tip Pilot permanent weapon of choice back then. First track that plays is fckn OneBeLo. Shit takes me back to highschool days. Now I can go on and live present days, remeniscing about yesterday, while planning for the future.

P12 Wagon

The younger sibling has potential for some dope statusness. Yes I made that word up.


Ruby Version

A willdly clean P10 appeared.

Track Cat

Tilted hood for JDM tyte physics and scientifics.

I Smell My Own

Jealousy. Wish the Primera scene in HI was just as dope.

Hope In Dreams

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


Found a pieced up video SVP did of an art show I went to a while back. Concept of the show was for artists to do a piece of their favorite childhood cartoon show or character. The outcome was amazing. It was nice seeing some of my old friends from high school daze still being graff heads. I spy myself deleting pics haaah.


Epic Lightshow

"Colors! Colors! Colors! Colors!"  -SEEN