Jingle Bells. Brap-brap-brraap-brap-brap-brraap-brapp-braap-brapp-brap-braaAaaaAaAAAAaAaaPpPPpPPpPpPPpapApApapapapPAAPAPApapAapApapap!!!


Idk how long its been since I started lurkn on Craigslist for a cafe project. I only got like four friends who are actually into motorcycles..and only two of them actually ride one. So whenever we end up getting into the subject all we do is pass around our cell phones showing off saved pics of what we think is 'bad ass' and say "Oh yups thats sick." But upon countless searching and searches and 4 seasons of Sons Of Anarchy, I may finally put this 'all talk' 'oh Im gonna pick one up soon' shenanigan to rest. Just as soon as this particular seller contacts me back. So much for goin all out on my P11. Fuck it lets make this happen.

Sickest thing Ive seen in a while. Second to Kawashima-san's Oni Celica. See more trill shit and excellent coverage at SNTRL.

#Headphones&Headnods. Just us.

Straight from tha mothalandz.


Real talk. #Headphones&Headnods.

Gotta show some P10 love too...

Them body lines tho..

Jay Stellato's Subaru Outback via Eric Shell.


Ira Chernova.♥______♥

Soooo cleeeeannnn.


Haven't done a rant in a while. But the events this past weekend was just too damn dope in my opinion. Good times with good company with good food. Bitch don't kill my vibe.
Towers at Beer Garden. 

Picked up a new time killer.

First time getting inked.

La Familia btchz.

Early Thanks Giving with the crew. Thats me with the beard btw.

hooo sh13t!

YA BISH. #Headphones&Headnods.



Yea you.



Best coverage of HFxHIx2012. Too bad FatLace didn't cook up a vid for us.

Just finished Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy. Craziest season in my opinion(RIP Piney). It closed off quite ominous and bittersweet. Just like the pictures above..hella flashback. I cant catch up to the most current episode so if anyone out there got a site where I could watch Season 5 let me know!

POSExEWOK in KOREA. via Ironlak. Cold as ice.

RiiiiiiiiGHT~ #Headphones&Headnod$
OH GOD! (Big Sean voice)