Hardcore Spring Cleaning

New Old Stock

CSF brings me the Sound Providers feel. Goddamn this is the shit.

Infiniti From The Far East

Peep the full coverage over at StanceNation.

Teh Prob11em Child

Update. Picked up new wheels and went with truck tips.

Hawaii Nei

Miss Aya

Nuj Shing

Sunday Mornings

Security With Faith



Au Yea Autech

Lowly On The Run


After school activities.
Last project for the program. Sectioning a rail with I-CAR standards.

Got home to find my bro playing with a Red Ear Slider. Wtf random.

Heading out to the Pick&Pull found out some homeboys dick is incomplete.

Made it to the junkyard with my friend. This is about 1/4th of the yard.

We found three of these poor babies all mangled up:[ Not gonna let em go to waste.

Crack is WHACK.

After two hours at the junkyard..we hit grind time baby.

Then kicked it at our friends shop..who happens to be toy crazed.


Female Driven P11 GT

Its totally Legen....wait for it......dary!


Reflection Eternal


Oops too late.

Drift Hard

Park harder.

N!99A Dis Shi Right Here?!

Came to me in a dream. T____T


Summer Time Fine

The semester is closing in..one more week of BS then graduation! Fck yes~

Holy Mother Of



Au Yea Autech


"Custom exhaust dual tips bigger than a bong y'know shit hits hard."