Infiniti is sponsoring the Red Bull F1 car for the next two seasons. Looks like a new chapter for the Renault/Nissan/Infiniti brothers. Read the scoops here.

Silvia Of Acclamation

Moar at P0WERM0VE. Props! I luhhhh Zenkeeez..


New Project

Recently picked up an old school GT bmx frame from my local craigslist. Tryna build it up for my little brother as a birthday gift. I really have no idea whats good in the old school bmx scene but luckily I have BMXMuseum to help me out. Been browsin ittup for a couple of days and I really like the stuff S&M made.


Too amberish for me.


Seriously. Clean as fck.

Vinnare Is Winner Right?

In that case,,,,,chyyyyyuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh.

Dished Out

Not really feelin all that mesh up front but..the wheel set up is pretty sick. Nice to see something different for once. I want more pics of this beefy sunofagun.


Oldie but still leaves me speechless. Jocked from StanceNation.

Leader 725TR

To buy...or not to buy? That is thee question. Found one brand new for sale on my local craigs. $400. Ahhhh if only I was a rich muthafcka!
Such great possibilities...

The Kool Klutch Klan

Mthafckn BOSS STATUS. Nuff said...

VW Conversion

P10 wannabe Vee dub?.....I like! Those wheels...damn what are they????

P11 + C2s = Clean


Project BTCC

Keep ittup Jtek.

Seoul Fixt

Alive Art

Import model Lily Zena Wang reminds me of the characters street artist Miss Van produces. Meeeeeeean!

3 Bb's = Bb/cubed

Just wanted to share some local fitted Xb's that StanceNation is doing a three part feature on. Hawaii should be thankful because they never fail to recognize how much steeez we have. Seriously. Theyve featured so many rides from Hawaii! Its good to see that the H I is continuing to receive the style points it deserves. Anyway to read the full article on Dannys or Aarons Bb, click on their pic. 

This vid was put together by a kid I knew of back in high school. I still remember his MAJIK tags in the bathroom stalls back in my graff days. Its cool how his new form of art is piecing up videos. Props Timmy!

Mutha Fuggin Fuga!

WoOOooOooOoOoOooOOOOoow~ Stay posted on StanceNation for more on this Q45.

Silvia Of Acclamation

Slydways rust bucket chyyuuhhhh. Props to RivalHouse for sharing this Aussie slyda. More scoops here.

Jamba Juice Step Up

After cleaning out the load of favorited links on my tabs I end up finding this. First time I saw this vid I didnt know what to expect...after the vid was over I had an O-face and a mad craving of POG(passion orange guava juice) lmao.

Taiwan Throw Ittup!

Possibly the same bangbro I posted a while back. Another fine example of keeping it  simple. Almost makes me want a P10 now. ShhhHHhhhHhhHHHhhhhHHhh..


Simply cleeeeeeean.

Teh Eleven


Me? Yah? Tatahs.

Hate em or love em bruh. This Miata roadster is fckn mean. Big ups to StanceNation for sharing this stubby toed shawteee. Peep the full coverage here.
More poke than your ahi po'ke


Props to CycleExif for doing a shmean job restoring this Italian pista frame. Sante Pogliaghi would be proud of you brudduhs. Peep the story here.

Track Cat

Slammed with a touch of negative camber? I guess form does play a big part of function. Dont sleep! Peep this P10 at 3:54 and watch it move at 6:09.


Big Sean is another one of those underlooked artists thatll blow up big some day.


Totally dood Id tap datt..

Todays Weather

Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain...

All I Do Is Win Win Win Win Win

And they stay there! Make em say yeah! And they stay there!

Another Xabi Post

When will it ever end?

Pressed On

Knowledge is key.

Native With No E

One of the very few goin for the hellaflush look. Just showin some appreciation brah!

Sticker Hoarding

I may have a problem....

Whoah Yheah~


This is my second fotochopped slam post today...Dennis make it happen!

Value Shades

First time seeing this picture I was all trippin because the palm trees made me believe this mosuckas from Hawaii. Pffffft it wasnt....I even Google mapped 3080 ahhhh Bumbaiyoulearn.

Three Words




VW Appreciation

Havent posted one in a long time. "Buttttttttt isnt this a Primera Blog?...why do i sees VWs and 240s??? Laaaaame."

Sup Playa

Hoooooo daaaaamn. Words cannot explain how fckn boss this guys P10 is... Ill hold off to just one pic and nothing else. You dont know the half yet!

USDM Conversion?

Its proven...Japan peeps wanna be USDM and American peeps wanna be JDM.


Needs to make it happen;)