Rust N Chrome

Fawkin sick brah.

VW Appreciation

James Carter: Lemme tell you something about black people, when stuff goes down we keep our cool.
Lee: Maybe...but not like Asians, we never panic.
James Carter: Yeah right, when Godzilla be coming, y'all be trippin! I seen the movie. "Giaca! Giaca!"
LOOOOOOOL from Rush Hour 2.
gawdzilla Karmann Ghiaaaa


BBS Weiser..nuff said. ~~~~<3


Lookie what I foundie in dee chatroomie...Tommy Kaira's P10! Not favored by some P10 lovars but myeh it looks Geee to me.



DoinG Work

Nissan>Honduh. Proven.

VW Appreciation

Buck Flack Friday.


I want one. Kinda late to use the 2010 calander but..not like i was gonna use it for a calendar Soooppa hawtness babes showin it off in Mishka clothing and some just showin it all off. The 2011 calendar just released last week so ill be looking forward to dat. Heres what you missed if you didnt knowwwww.

Happy Birthday G Pt. 2

If you didnt knowww. This year marked Infiniti's 20th aniversary for their G lineup. 20 years ago almost 14,000 G20's were sold here in the states. Now with their fourth and most recent generation G series sedan, the G37 is still a popular choice among drivers since its release in 2008. Infiniti of Canada partnered with Crique du Soleil(also celebrating their 25th) to celebrate their aniversaries and showcase it in the14th Annual Canadian Art Gallery Hop Gala in Toronto. Big fawkin parteh ahh!? Anyway Heidi Taillefer, the artist from Montreal spent over 300 hours working on this project. I admire this ladys talent..WATCH HER VIDEO HERE! Super naaaahts.

Bike To The Future

I like sample already! Check out more ova hea brah.

Slidewayin't @ Ebisu

Definately good times..just look at it! So jello...


8========D~~~ ~ ~ ~cant miss out!~ ~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~

Dear Diary LOL

Fawk my throat is still sore. Havent posted anything in a while because my internet is being a biiiiiiitch. My G should be coming home soon..uberdooper excited. This was the most recent pic of him since we last cruised it.

Anyong Haseyo

Fixed Gear Girls Korea. WOAH YHEAAAA~

A Remedy

Ive been sick for the past week. Shitty deals..oh note to self.....dont pop two gel caps of nyquil and drive from manoa to ewa and then will fall asleep. This makes me feel better.

Boosted Blues

Didnt know there was such a thing as GeeTittiez. ( . Y . )

British Slideways

The scene with the broad @ 2:00-2:03 was epppppppic.

The Loooooad

Danes P10 with an empty load.

Bags are for Phags

Thats what I remember hearing from the Static Pusirts...but this vid is just way to gangsta.

Here Is

Thy shipment of win...well...not really. Guy who shipped my sports grille did a real bad job of packing it. The faka said it was black and that the tabs were all in tact. Opened it up and shit was dark blue and missing 5 tabs UKININAM! Now i have a new project. Anyway my Stance Nation order was naaaahts. Big mahalos guys!

Carbon Fybur

Those close.....but not....quite there..

The 3Makrenshono

Wow like a luau.

1st Class Fitment

Big ups to the boiz of Canibeat for pulling off a successful show.


Nahhhh just playin. Reminds me of them though. One of my new favorite P11s.



Red Your Dead

So whenever my skrilla decides to stacks firmly, imma try to market out a Havoc frame made by RYD.  I like the rawness and design of this beefy son of a gun. I mean...since Ill never be able to afford a Broakland Pipebomb, might as well go for this brah. 

Cant forget the dumpy chick.

VW Appreciation

Happy Belated Halloween!

Wouldve gone trick-or-treating in this muthafawka.