Gee someones a photographer:3.........


Makes dem playa haytaz playa haytn on playa haytaz..knawmeenz?

Goin Somewhere?

Guess Who Pt.2


BUT HERE I AM BACK IN BIZZNIZZZzZZZzZZZzzZzZzZ. Finally iPhilms doctored up the Hella Flush Hawaii 2011 vid! Peep it if you missssed itttttt~

Guess Who Pt.1

Its a Peaoneone...

Black Swan

Amongst the ugly ducklings...

Wow Pau Orredeh

PowWow was done a long time ago..but I just wanna share some dopeness art that I captured during the event. Better late than never. Read more about it at HighFructose.



Dat Azz

Photo Comp Entrees

Make great pics for showin off.

Act Casual


Victory Pipes


Chay Tee Ehm~

Wesssss Syyyyde!

Formula Saloons

"Hiphop in 1995 was whack."

"You'll realize that my literary talent was genetic copacetic not pathetic, but poeticall prophetic."

Sushi Rice:D

Nice pic but not the car. Clean paint but not the color. Can you dig it nooo not me.

OEM Fresh

To be an admin you gotta keep it clean.

Style Points

+2pts cheeeya.



Sawp Bluhd..

I wanna mod my antenna to that baby one..nice.

The Dyno VFR

Couldnt find a lot of info on these model bmxs. But this right here is the cleanest one Ive found online/best pic of a VFR also. Lol.

Project VFR

Im super fckn stoked on completing my 99 Dyno VFR bmx build. Its not a vintage 70s or 80s bmx but it still holds down its classiness with its framing style. Each time I buy or pick up a part to add to my build I get more and more antsy on wanting to ride it! I finally decided on what color I wanna spray it in since the original chrome is flaking off and there is no way of saving it without droppin down some big moolah. Rechroming costs an arm and leg man. Anyway so Ive decided to spray it gloss black with gold pearls(perhaps something like this, this, or this). FCKN SICK right?! Chyyyyuuuhhhhhh! Then slap on some white Skyway mags and black tires with the tan sidewalls and teal grips chchchchchyyyyyyuuhhhhh! Brah I like finish um orredeh!
The night I picked it up after work all the way in Waikele. This when I noticed all the imperfections. Theres rust everywhere! The pedals the guy gave me didnt even fit the cranks! Those are my oldie Diamondback pedals I had stored from a long time ago...forgot what bike coz its seriously old. Haha.
Picked up an oldschool GT racing saddle all the way in Kahala. Then a bmx fork and headset from Eki Cyclery.
Learned how to take apart a one-piece crank! Sanded it down then shot it with automotive clear.
Bought a stem today and this is how its currently sitting in my room.

Tis The Season

Spring is officially my favorite season. I dont know just is.

Just Like That



Been keeping up with the news in Japan and from what I see, theyre doing a good job of getting back up on their feet. The rebirth of this country is comin up slowly but surely. I havent really said or posted anything about the tragic earthquake/tsunami that happened there, but after seeing this beautiful P10 at a beautiful scenery in Japan; it reminded me to share my wishes and condolences. I donated $15 to the American Redcross Japan foundation couple days ago...I know its not a lot but its better than nothing. Bumbaiyoulearn cares mannnn!

+30! Cheeya

Touring Primeras really luhhh da stance scene.



Silvia Of Acclamation

I cant seem to recognize anything photoshopped in here...but if you do..I do not wish to know!!!! kthxbai. Jocked from MonkeyMagic.

Supreme USMC

Looks like the USAF jacket i copped at Savers but only $110 cheaper.More styles amd heat at the Supreme online shop.
"We are the unwilling led by the unskilled to do the impossible by the ungrateful."

RIP Curt Cobain

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."


Gnets set of original gangstas.


I spy some Wilwoods...or is it Brembos? I dunnoo.

Muh Laydee

Agilitys dont look too bad....hmmmmm..


Blue painters tape action goin on...

Still Down:[

Soon though itll be back up and rackin style points like old times...and prolly recon tickets. Faaaaa'ap lol.


Do it!


Censorship...just like how dey duu in teh jdm pron.