A little over than two hours left till 2014 is over.
I just spilled a whole shot of Gentleman Jack on my North Face hoodie…
looks like 2015's gonna be a wetttttt onnnnneeeeeeeee~~~ 
Cheers to my viewers who are actually still LURKKN on my blog. 
This place would still be the same even without y'all. 
- @kalveeto

ohlawwwdddtheresafire. #yojeff.

Portugal got some freakshow waves brah.

#Headphones&Headnods. "We all about advancement."
Finally somewhat content with it. My latest hipster sled; a Cannondale Capo.
Freshly painted in General Motors barmuda blue from Sikkens paint line.
Original stem and seat post, new frame decals, mtb shorty risers, Tange Seiki headset, 
DuraAce track fc7710 crank arms, DuraAce fc7600 bb, HKK Vertex chain, 50t Sugino Zen chainring,
Thomson Elite seat post, Kashimax Aero saddle, Animal bmx pedals, HoldFast straps,
52mm front deep V laced to Shimano hub wrapped in a Panaracer Pasela gumwalls,
Velocity deep V rear laced to DA track hub, Surly 16t cog, DA lockring wrapped in a Vittoria Rubinos.
Here's a before pic. Most legit and enjoyable build Ive done. This ones a keeper.

Epic short film of an old Hawaiian tale. #toomuchmana
'all or nothing'
photo&art by @lukewessman


#Headphones&Headnods. Slug speaks to me. Lol. #tbt #brokefree


fuqq the system. miss being this gangsta. #tbt
photoshoppe slam. credits to respectable owner.
1969 drug bust. JUXTAPOZ.

#Headphones&Headnods. I died @ O:32. This beat takes me back to 2006. #somekindofnostalgia #goldeneraofundergroundhiphop

Daaamn these cars can boogie! via: STREETKARNAGE
@LOLBAGGED350z. via: CIB.
@_tiannag. bruh...
Dope shot. Praying to the P chassis gods. via: NPFC.
Run home Charlie!

#Headphones&Headnods. "Damned if I do, damned if I don't."
drippin swagguuu
just quit my latest hobby. DAMN. wallet was too skinny. #aquascaping
new build comin along nicely. inspirational photo heeere.

s h a k o t a n  P 1 0

#Headphones&Headnods. "I once knew a man who couldn't afford Japan.." BLUxORANGE

Repost. W/ a few added extras. 

#Headphones&Headnods. "Never been afraid of no badge bruhhh. Two police is a matchuppp."
Minervas..y u no belong to me?
#Headphones&Headnods. I. Think. Im. Lost. -I.R.
Happy Belated National Dog Day~
…I never stray too far from the sidewalk...


UPDATE 8/27/2014

Finna got this bitch ass Recon permit.

#tbt doooooeeee!

( . Y . ) 'z

Such badassery. Totes rad. Fluid brah fluid.

#Headphones&headnods "Soul made of gold but my skin made of copper."

UPDATE 6/25/2014

Moanalua mobbin.. #tbt
( . Y . )
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