yes. yes.
Ifffff Jaws from James Bond was a drift car.
Diagonalism IRONY.

#Headphones&Headnods. That New New Fuego. "Hittin Janes like Tarzan. Fuck you and your man."

Props: Dani boy. Photo: Dela Code.

#Headphones&Headnods. That Souls Of Mischief blend..so fckn hiphop.
Route 20.

Local is the focal.

Subtle..proper..simply clean.

#Headphones&Headnods. After six comes seven an eight. This aint the grand finale. RIP Nujabes.

One sweet snow P11ow.

#Headphones&Headnods. Beautiful. Fo real.

In Japan, the argument between mixed ideologies of what and how a classic should be...is immense. If you're a hardcore one-sided restorer who believes everything should be original..then I am not on your team. If you believe custom fabrication, motor transplants and a mix of old with new..then I am not on your team either. I find peace in the middle. Do what you love and forget the feedbacks wether they're good or bad. Although I was stoked to find Akirasan of RWB in the mix.
#ImDifferentYeahImDifferent. Dat Burgundy Doe~

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CLIT.CLIT.CLIT.CLIT.CLIT.aint nobody fresha.
Sexlife la!
Who remembers this?

#Headphones&Headnods. Rent money.
Concave..Poke..Low..Yes. AUTOnGRAPHIC.

Straight karnage.

#Headphones&Headnods. This is some supa hot fiah type ish. ButImNotARapper.

CAMBERWEAR featured a fellow G-netter. Lou be his name..clean is his game. Peep the full feature here.

Screaming 1JZ in the woods. Ryan Tuerck's Off Seasons Pt.2.
ho shat~
Props: t5s.
Cedric le Borgne's glowing wire sculptures. INEEDAGUIDE.

#Headphones&Headnods. DFD always got the finest ladies in is MV's. Dibs on the hippie chick tho.

Sickest Z32 on the island. My boy richocolate defining stance on a daily.

WekFest Hawaii 2013 Official Video | WekSos from Jay Aye is finally up.

Heres a vid from a meet a couple months back. J-SPIRIT | United Royalst produced by Jay Aye.

NewZealandPrimeraCarClub holdin it down.
azn snw wht.


#Headphones&Headnods. My Kool Aid need more sugar.