B00sted Raging Demon


Hai gaiz~ Its been a minute..but Im back..just in time for Fall. If you actually read my shit Ive been offline because of school, work, wrench'n and a broken computer. Now that I picked me up a new iMac, I hope to spend a little more time bringing this site back to life. Hope I didn't lose any viewers, more to come from today on.

- - -Bumbaiyoulearn Notice- - -

My PC desktop that has been serving me for the past 7-8 years has recently been giving me complications. My ancient Vaio with Windows XP is not booting up properly thus BYL posts has been on the low. On the plus side..I'm getting a Mac. Anyway what have I been keeping up to date with? You guessed it...the P11. Gonna try get it registered tmrw after class. Today I changed the oil with zee Royal Purps and Engine Reatore. Ended the afternoon by givin it a wash. Poor paint hasn't been cleansed in a year! Full blown detail to come once I'm done with my paper work and cv boot replacent:P


Besides husslin at work rollin sushi and collectin tips....besides acing quizes and learning the trade of automotive collision repair at school....Ive been busy with ressurecting my P11. Been about a year since his coma started..and yesterday he fired up after the first try. Finding a trans for my car was a PITA. My cars an unrliable money pit dooche bag honestly....but I love it. Bittersweet.