Roll'n In Deep

The boys from Gnet turnin heads at the Nissan Meat.

Tennisball Green

This P10 from I believe to be the Czhec Republic opened up my eyes. I had to look closely hoping it wasnt a photoshopped pic. I kinda dig it.

Braggin' and Boasting

Circa 2004 during my Sophomore year I was introduced to underground hiphop. Havent tuned out since..

"Nobody in your neighborhood could give a fck who you was.."

Powder Puff

Get shovellin boi.


I got a late Valentines Day gift, my Stance Nation order just came in and I bought this months issue of DSPORT Magazine...which happens to be a special edition aaaaand their 100th issue! Its fckn page loaded with lots of memoirs from way back to issue #1. What caught my attention though was their section of DSPORTs 10 Best Cover Models.....whoah yheah models yheah~


AR2 son.
Ho faakk Grace Park.

JDM Points

I would add a jdm rear fog light just for fckn jdm points but..idk..nahhh. I know Id be scrapin that shit 24/7. Feels like I would lose it one day from all the asphalt contact...then be like ope I just fckn lost $100.

Epic Win

JPN Primera Meat

Silvia Of Acclamation

Havent posted one in a while mannn. But thankfully Hella Flush Hawaii was a couple of days ago and there was thee loooad of mention worthy 240s that I snapped pics of. This one however caught my attention. I love Diamond Racing wheels...definately gonna get me a custom set for my P11 someday. Anyway this white S13 on white Diamond barrels compliment eachother very well. I just hope he actually rides and owns those fixed gear whips strapped on his roofrack. Theres a fckn major buttload of ppl here sportin the roofracks just for looks...smh.
The chicks dig it...

Dirty Sanchez

His G20 was one of the first G's that opened my eyes to the potential P11s had.

JDM Pron

Dont get the pages sticky..


Other than yellow Porches and Type R Integras/Civics..a P10 can pull it off too.

Happy Valentines Day


I just realized that that was a complete waste of my time. Fuck. Still sick. Shouldve just bought my own fckn Nyquil. Idk why Im still pissed. Maybe coz its Valentines and Saturday night was a bitch. Ahhhhh ufa kefe.

The Way Of The Warrior

AZ represent.

Something About Us

The emcee shouldve done another verse. Hella jazzy shit. Enjoy.

Gal Dori

Oh yes she did.

Frisco Shift

Just tryna share more Free vids.

Bboy Free

Oldie but still siiiiiick. Soul Shifters represent! Seattle represent!


IS ALREADY TOMORROW! Brah cannot wait! Cheeeeheeee!

Ms. J Lush

DddDDDDdddDddDdaaaamn she looks like someone I once knew! Hahaahahaha srsly. This someone had a problem with leaving me alone though...creeper status kine.O___o..*sigh* myspace days LOL.


Doood idk why I havent posted Jatis ride yet. Well deserved for moar attention mannn. One of the cleanest P11s Gnet has to offer. Btw he introduced me to Daedelus!..which made me more aware of the electronica/experimental genre that I am learning to digg.


Im a pretty big guy, thats why I like big backpacks that cover my entire back; it gives me a balanced and proportioned look. Unlike cheapo Jansports that used to be the shit back in grade school, they used to make me look fat coz of them skinny straps and 4inch gaps on each side. However as you can see, this Zugster Rolltop is the shiiittt. It retails well over 2bills though....not the price Im down with butttt if I was to cop it, youll be catchin me on campus during my day offs sportin it jus4kix! Hahaha.

Ron Burgundy

Preston is in tha house!

Big Boss

Uber Admin J0n from Gnet hardly flashes for us Gnetters. This is probably the only mug shot I have of him saved on my Primera picture collection. I remember this thread where he posted pics of himself being zippered up in a duffle bag. Faaak I gotta find that shit.
That effin guy..


Finally came in with the fckn correct color this time. Cheee!

Low Ballers MEAT

Deng Im jealous as fck. We need meats like these down here in the H I. Ahhh the thing is though..location and not getting harrased by the popoez play a big part of making it happen. Maybe I should start hitting up the Friday night NEX Meats?....oh wait nvm I have work:[ OH and theyre all about poundin it and testin h00ts Hunduh is fasterer..... Definately not my thing...I like laid back meet ups. Anyway the Low Ballers crew from LV did a great job on hosting the shindig and big ups to Canibeat for covering it! Read more about it here breh.

Inner Sense

QuESt. I really cant explain how great this underrated guy is.

Oh Snaps

Best giveaway I have evvaaa seen!


White powwwwaaaa!!


Canibeat Material


Keo Spins

I would actually consider this 'back in the day' material for Fixed Gear lineage. Back when trick frames werent in production yet...what you would do instead was sacrifice a precious track frame and hammer em out. Back when Velocity never thought of the Chukker, instead youd run em haad or chance em n bend a Veep or two.  Back when thick profile tires werent even considered 'dope' to run with, now we got peaps dumpin 700x48c rubbers on tha regular. It seems that the Fixed Gear community will continue to evolve, differentiate, and spread rapidly.  On a side note..I recently met my kidbrothers classmate...hes a little scrawny tanned up 5th grader who I usually see whippin his big bros Thrasher like a champ..I just had to kick it with this cool foo. Bought him and my bro and his friends ICEE and kicked it with little kids for a while.

Track Cat

Carlo teh OG tripple OG Gnetta.



Lazy Eyes

*Dirty thoughts...*

Silvia Of Acclamation

Reposted from IRONY.


I tweaked on art magazines all afternoon at Barnes&Noble. I havent done that in a long time. It felt really good just to get away from home and enjoy the rest of my day after school and my day off from work. I came across Korin Faughts artwork on HGHFRCTS magazine...or was it JXTPZ magazine?...anyway his shit is fckn mean. He mainly portraits beans!
Photo Cred: Vidalia@Flickr. Art Work By: Korin Faught. 


From teh All Primera Meet 2010.


From teh All Primera Meet 2010.


From teh All Primera Meet Japan 2010.

Bros Before Hoes

Unless the hoes got no clothes.

Natasha Khan

First time I saw this video from Bat For Lashes I really tried to figure out how they hid the back up riders behind her. Camera tricks? Myspace angles? Idunnooooo but shit fooled meeeee.

Mt. Fujibelly

I need to start painting again. This piece is pretty much my favorite out of all the pieces I did. 3 years ago painting this was a piece of cake..3 years later looking at this painting I really trip myself out..cant believe I did this. Not tryna be conceded!


Dancin to this 60% of the time it works every time.

VW Appreciation

Havent posted a veedub appcreciation in a while. Props to Simply Clean for sharing this. I love Jettas.


Colin and his parkbench.

Nissan Tech

I need to produce more of these techy guys. I had good sales. Lol.




Es Are.




This is how P10s should look like.


Hes got the boso ring attatched...but he not even close to boso style..although I would like to see that!! Setting reminds me of Akina snow from Initial D. haha.

Optical Illusion

As Neil would call it...even though it isnt one. LMAO (inside joke). Anyway I hate it when mainland guys park on the grass to give their car a lower appearance. Its just weeeeak. This G however is an exception. Its clean as fck!


From a former local member. You dont see too many nice G20s in Hawaii. I believe the original owner of this P11 sold it a long while back. Twas a rainy day in teh H I.