Minka Kelly

Who played Autumn from 500DaysOfSummer..yessssssssssss shes wayyyyyyyy hotter than Summer.

Stack Dat G'z

Not cheese....Geeeeeeeeez!!!

Swanga Banga Flocka Flame

I nevvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrr get tired of watching Yoshi's Z33 goin home. I serious bah.


One more post before shishi nainai. Gnite Ms. Sunshine.



Blue Kush

Panteh droppin material.


Hunneh girl doin too much moddelin..toes stay sore bah. hahaha


Ya..I Heard She A


You son of a gun..

Raw Machinery

Makes me wanna get my fawkin motorcycle license. Anyway my good friend asked me if Id wanna do a short film with his build. Were just exchanging words so no progress yet. Im stoked.

Mista Fudgemunkkk

1:30AM vibin to Damu n just realized its got the same tempo as Specifics-Under The Hood. Finally found the perfect track to flow its first verse to. I LIKE IT!!!!

'G' Is For...


No Day Offs

Work aaaaaaaagain.


SHAD K is on point.

Im Soooo JDM...

I sleep on the right side of my bed...aaand my bed has coil springs made by Tein.


S+P only comes out once a month..been hitting it up since summer and brah you cannot miss out. Shake&Pop does NOT disappoint!

Like Test??

Oh ok..no worries. BUMBAI YOU LEARN.

You Ever Take It Off Sweet Jumps?

Whoa braddah Fonseca can moooooooove.


After a long time searching for some good, cheap, functional toe straps...I decided to go with Chronics made by BURRO.

The Jock

Know your roots. Anthony Reid from back in the deiz.



Ha0le Babes

NSFW. Oops too late..

Dragon Blood

Most original thing Ive seen in a while.

Lets Have A Toast..



20 Years ago Infiniti came out with the G lineup. Today its still goin strong and the 2.0 4 banger engine upgraded to a V6. Id still choose a G20 over a G37......:]

Japans Primera meet + others. I think i see a Mitsu Galant.


I wanna go turbo..</3

Makes Dem Titties Bounce

Rwaaaaaaw. Mei No Mai S14.


My car is still in the shop so my mode of transportation to school iz my fixed converty Trek. Been wanting to upgrade badly but wasnt sure what frame i wanna get...butttt finally decided aaaand come to find out, the company is only taking pre-orders for now. BAH! Gotta wait.


Akuma! Looks fckn cherreh man. Booost got me loose..gone on patron!!


I wish HI had a bigger crowd..nah nvm fuck that. Japan all Primera meet couple years back. I believe this year is the Primeras 20th aniversary..Japan did another meet up and i have yet to find pics of it. Happy Birthday P!!


Like a braddah from anadda maddah.

Baaaaad Giiiiirrrrrllll

Still gives me the fawkn O face<:O.....Jettas were my first love, but Ive moved on to Primeras<3

Naaaaaht Eeeeevennnn

42second engine swap? If swapping SR's and RB's and VQ's and VG's was this easy then......the world would be a very different place.

Um Yup

Cherry bomb berriez!

The Poa Tree

Orb from SoulShifters is so fucking on it man..but only a selected few has ever heard of him. Seattle has an emcee and he goes by Ooooooooorb

My bum is on Sweeeeeeden

Only some of the Primera drivers in Europe are doin it right..and THIS guy is one of them. Suppa cleeeeeeeeeeeaan.

Broakdamout Pipewrench

If i had the cash to blow..a Broakland Pipebomb would be my choice. The frame itself with a paintjob is $2300.....fawkn iorn donkeh cost choke monehh brah...gotta start slangin maybe. JUSTKIDDING!!!!!!

Can? Cannnnnnn!!

The infamous haaadbody doin it slideways down tantalus. cheeee


Congrats to Fatlace on opening up another spot. Now if only they could open one here in HI......

HI Nights

Owls took this picture..

Roachman - Bushka

When I first found this I had had it on repeat 24/7 for a week.

Ms. Lani

You fiiiiiiine local hunneh.....

Clip my wings

I must admit though I am a fan of Javs ride. heheheheheee

Taiwan throwww ittup!

The P10 vs P11 war never ends....cant we all just agree that the P12 is the fugly duckling?!

kiss kiss bang bang


Call 1-800-XCRESTA


open up 8 new windows and play this vid simultaneously:] im a tweaker.

En Jay Es

Ho brah suppa kleeeeeeeeeen. Japan why you always gotta get the good shit?

Ummm Yupp

I love Primeras

I Wish My Car Was RWD

Was hummin this song at work couple days ago. old find but still dope status!

Aloha Blogger

via: HNL|HI.

I created this place with the huge inspiration I picked up from Irony.cc. His shit influenced me to start my own shit and fill it with shit that interest me....which is everything/anything/allthings Infiniti G20 and Nissan Primera. Not a lot of people know about Nissans P-chassis, so I decided to make an awareness site. Throw in my hobbies, interests, other slammed cars, ladies, good music and just like that BUMBAIYOULEARN. Why the title? What does it mean? Well, I've dealt with a lot of people who arent too familiar with G20's..they think its just a luxury version of a Nissan Sentras..I laugh and tell them 'bumbai you learn'..which means "to learn later" in local Hawaiian slang.