Sport Luxo

Looking at this picture makes me feel poor. Not only does this IS rollin shot look boss as fck...but the background/setting is fricken ill. Looks like a fckn rich neighborhood. Wellll with me being from Kalihi yeaaa everywhere else looks better.

Enclosed Winner

Garage kept? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFtt!

Its Z New Week

I had rough Sunday at work...hope my lurk'n fans are starting off their week better than I am.


Dude...eye spy meself. YEEEEE!

@SHAKEPOP from Sharks & Rays on Vimeo.

Reppin It > SR20forum+Nico.. Word to yo mommaz.


Erics one of a kind P11. Idk how he does it..he just DOES.

Mr. Clean

Nick(njprimera) and Eric(Ericdd) are two OGs from Gnet that really helped push the community moving forward. They pioneered out of the norm and took the time to create some clean custom parts(mainly cosmetics) for our P10/P11s. Not as active as they used to be butttt when they do post something new over on the forums, its always good news.


Makes the noobs go "wahw veri naice!"


Primera wagons do not qualify USDT standards becaaaauuuuusssee..? They be too damn stunt'n. Whatever that means. Anyway like most forbidden import chasis that never make it to the states due to our fixed transportation regulations.. the Primera 144 wagon are one of them that couldnt make the grade. Of course a G20 pole rider would rather rock a 144 wagon than a twin turbowed Chaser....riiiiiiiight???


It came in!
Ms. Tamsing


Front Wheel Drive SR?

For those who think only the dorifto boiz had nope. These puppies be tappin out Civics n leavin blown K20s behind. Ok oK OK  maybe Im stretchin the truth a lil bit buttt breh...proofs right here. Fawk I wish I bought the copy when I had the chance...came the next week to pick one up and its already off of B&Ns stands. Not even 3/4ths of that month passed by and they brought out the next issue. Fawwwk you Barnes&Noble BumbaiIlearn.
Props to Alex and his VE'd 4banger Pea Ten. More pics to come in the next post.
Catherine Keem. DAMN.
Jizzed in mah pants.

She A Dope Fiend

Where do I get one?!

Hoooly Fawwwk

Keirin frames mos def got dat fitment in check. Faaaaahhhhkk I want one soooo bad. This Umezawa is clean and 'hellaflush':P 

Fixed Chick

Theres just something about cute girls riding bikes...
Singapore? Thailand? I think its Singapore...


VW Appreciation

Yes..its that F'in guy with that colourful Golf.


They definitely be doin it right.

Facial Yet AGAIN!

Inrev. Why did you have to upgrade to a BMW? Or was it a Mercedes? Oh yea I remember..mommy bought! ^______^

Facial Cum Again





Akimoto from Gnet isnt as active on the forums as he used to be..but his P11 continues to open up eyes for teh Gnet n00bs. Last I remember of him updating his car was when he just painted(i think) his Nismo LMGT2s(i think theyre gt2s) gold.

RIP Iggy

My homies Pomeranian passed away this past week:[ I still remember that day me and Glenn(one of Iggys masters) cruised it in his Truck40 while I had Iggy on my lap. Good times breh. Ahhhh Iggy rest in peace buddy!

Too Flush

I forgot where I found this pic...its fake btw..although its still fresh for cheap laughs.

BoOotY bOoTy bOOtY

It is what it is.

Silvia Of Acclamation

pc: Fatlace

Jeh Deh Ehm

Nuff sehd.


Christmas gift to myself. $250 investment spent well. At least I have something else to use other than my kit lens. Also bought a UV and CPL filter for it.

Out In Da Streets

Dey call it muuuurrrrrrrrrrrddddaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Decided to black out my wheels. So decision Ive made on my bike to date...

P11Gdub's Debut

Damn how could I have forgot about KoreanMikes G? Fawk..actually theres a lot of sauce worthy homies on Gnet that I am forgetting about to feature! For a Primera Blog I seriously am slackin. More P11 and P10 action to come in the following weeks! Lurk hard!