My President Phase

Still dreamin about G50s. So damn clean.



"Waiting on a noob.."

Gat Deng..

This one prolly doesnt go "zoom zoom."

Chillin Like A Villain


Foto Chute

T. G. T. C.

Still tuned in on Dom.

JDM Tyte


Park Bench

Enough Talk

Congrats Grads!

Tis the season to one up in life. Just want to congratulate all my homies and everyone else that graduated this year. Heres a funny ass sign my friend had when we stepped outta high school. Lmfao~
"Jordan, GOOD NEWS you BIG HUNK youre 18 and legal now. Its time to go out and find you a sweet BIG CHERRY, so she can give you KISSES and suck your LOLLIPOP. Make sure the one you find shaves her FLUFFY STUFF. Now dont be an AIR HEAD with your BUTTERFINGER. Always use PLEASURE PACK, they could be your LIFE SAVERS. Stay away from the easy girls because it could be their PAY DAY and want 100GRAND!"

VW Appreciation

Oh My Fckn Gawd..

Old School BMX Sundays

The other night I got to hit up this Sunday Old School BMX Meet at Ewa Beach. The guy that got me into the scene is the same guy I picked up my Dyno from. They were all in their mid 30s to late 40s...which is dead accurate for the old school bmx era. Anyway I rolled in with my friend at the tennis court and there was a bunch of them doin freestyle tricks. I was nervous as fck man...felt hella n00bish but brah it was fawkn mean! They were jammin to some oldies like Beastie Boys and RUN DMC. Its pretty crazy seeing these older guys still being able to bust their swag on with bikes thatre at least 30 years old. One of them had a Redline that was restored to its original beaut..the neat part was that it was the same bike he bought back in the 1980s. He told me that you dont see a bunch of old guys doing this kinda shit everyday, so its a treat to be here(you can see him in the vid below at 7:09, 7:27 and 7:33). I really wish I brought out my T2i and snapped some pics..or vids! Ahhh maybe next week. Their 2nd anual Old School BMX Bike Show is coming up on July 31st..which I am looking forward to! Heres a recap from their first show.

Locals Only

The Dom phase continues.

Pain For Pleasure

If I really think about it....I grew up with Toyota's minivan. As a kid Ive been chauffeured in our family Toyota Van EFI and then upgraded to the Toyota Previa. Couple years down the line we picked up a 2nd gen Sienna. I learned how to drive in that thing..and it got me my drivers license. For the past year Ive been driving my moms Sienna because of my broke down P11. And idk bout most peeps but I find the new Siennas very fckn attractive. Anyway so I saw this vid via SNFB. Fuck....I so would do this to my moms daily driver lol.

Epicness @ 00:58-01:00

Straight Outta Japan

Its Herra Frush Yo!

oh my lordZ!

Damn son. Idk what to say. Read the full scoopz here on StanceNation.

Stay Thirsty My Friend

Mo Fixed Mo Problemz

Havent touched my fixed gear in a while mainly because of the massive blow up of fixie riders I see comin out of nowhere these days. I dont have anything against guys who ride fixed gear...its just those illinformed little trend hopping fixie dick riders who think 'oh everyone has it mommy daddy can you buy me one??' Not to mention all the bike ads you see on craigslist are 'WTS or WTB Fixie Bike' or 'FS Fixie parts' and theyre all full of overpriced Origin8 shit or rattle canned road frames with the headset cups or bb painted because they dont know how to take it off. I was at my LBS one day and these high school kids kept getting in my way as I was looking at parts for my old school BMX build. One of their moms was strollin the shop too and that one kid asked her if she could buy it for him while he had that jj dot am face and the two thumbsup. Oh god it annoyed me. Anywho just wanted to post this bad ass vintage pic I found of some local Pedal Pushers.


Perfect track for teh season. Im really feelin the heat...faaaaawwwwwwwk.

Eh Tuck You!

Felt like a good time to post this.:F


Fawkn UGLY


Mr. Seoul

Gods Bathroom Floor

Damn oh damn I havent seen something this smooooood in a while. Dope ass Audi A6 on some dope ass Forged Race Rotiforms backed up by a dope ass Atmosphere track. Thx SimplyClean for sharing! 

Gee Dubba

Guess Who Pt.3

See Thru


Btw Oh Yeeeeaaaaa

The weekend was nothin but epic WIN. The Lakers are out and Mosley tapped out. It was a great Mothers Day weekend for me. Hope my readers enjoyed theirs too.

Rockn Errywhea